Only now do I know that I know nothing

The standard response to a student who is having difficulty in mathematics is, “You’re not up for it, it’s hard.” The common response to someone who doesn’t know how to cook is, “Let it go, it’s not for you.” If you can’t paint, you’ll hear people say things like, “Hey Picasso, you’re going to have to do a dead job and catch on to something smarter.” These are incidents that almost every Balkan man has seen or heard of at some point in his life. That’s just how the weather is here. Our dad knows from early on how to stifle a child’s imagination in the context of childrearing. The fact that the whole thing is still so mysterious is fascinating in and of itself. The full value of creative pursuits like painting, writing, reading, and cooking is often misunderstood. Nothing is impossible if we are driven and crazy enough to think it is. Inspired to keep working towards our objectives, and equipped with a mental vision of success. It would take a crazy person to try to escape a world that suffocates us all the time.

If people tell you that you aren’t smart enough or skilled enough to learn maths, cooking, or painting, then you should know that you’re already well on your way to mastering those skills. I draw not only to unwind and take pleasure in the present, but also to train my eye to better recognise lines, shading, and colour. In a nutshell, drawing helps the mind adjust to new ways of perceiving the world. Suddenly, we start to see the patterns and order in the world around us, the laws of nature, and the patterns and order in our own lives. Even though I’m no Mark Twain or J.R.R. Tolkien, I write because it allows me to process my thoughts and give them more meaning by making them accessible to others and myself.

It’s crucial to remember that we’ll excel in some things and fail miserably at others. Whether it’s art, a new language, maths, or anything else, you should always be on the lookout for ways to develop yourself. If you’re drawing like a three-year-old, that’s okay; the important thing is to keep going and see how far you’ve come. If you do your own artwork, your own small masterpiece, it will brighten your day and maybe even someone else’s, even if it doesn’t resemble anything like the Mona Lisa. If you want to wow your partner, think beyond the box. We’re either in the top 1% or the worst 99% depending on the topic at hand. It’s not so much where we are as how we are, and how much curiosity and hunger we bring to the ride that is our lives. Insatiably curious and intent on finding answers.In this day of instant communication and global connectivity, it seems pointless to sit and observe the world around us without taking any action. We take a look at it through the lens of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Internet is used for an ever-increasing variety of courses, free publications, and brief tutorials on the many subjects we have included (art, programming, food, etc.). It’s up to you how you utilise Facebook to accomplish your goals; everything is interchangeable and adaptable. Therefore, don’t merely watch it. Do yourself a favour and get moving; you’ll be glad you did the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that. The universe will reward you proportionally if you put in the effort to develop your creative potential by learning to draw, write, code, cook, and love.

This mathematical oddity has long piqued my interest. The majority of Americans act as though it’s hard, discouraging their children from even trying at the outset. Furthermore, the general public would likely argue that the standard fails to adequately as in “What do I need to get by in life?” All I’m saying is, give Khan Academy or some other MOOC a shot. I have faith that you’ll uncover the answers that your loved ones weren’t able to provide for you at home. Give yourself over to the people whose love will infect you with a new way of seeing the world. These days, we can actually witness how a small group of advocates tirelessly spreads their message to others. By sharing knowledge, we can all improve our lives and the world around us. My dear friend, I urge you to feed your hunger at whatever costs. Acquire the knowledge you’ve always desired. Discover the joy, love, and satisfaction that life has to offer. My friend, you must educate yourself so that you can rest easy tomorrow night when you must close your eyes. Don’t listen to the naysayers; do what you love, whether that’s cooking, painting, or mathematics.