An introduction to everything that awaits us

It’s common for people to feel motivated to make positive changes to their lives at the start of a new year. These choices can be little or substantial, but research suggests that most people quickly abandon them for something more comfortable after a few weeks or months. What I want to transmit to you is not a New Year’s resolve, let alone a resolution with a small time frame, despite the fact that it is January and most of you might think that this is also a New Year’s resolution.

Making one’s own website is the topic at hand. I’ve been contributing to online magazines for a while now, but my long-term plan has always been to start my own blog. In the future, I plan to provide articles and other information that I think you may find interesting. I enjoy documenting my ideas and musings in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, but I rarely share these documents with anyone else, and their usefulness quickly fades as time passes. Therefore, I believe they would gain some depth and additional value from reading this material here. While the focus of my earlier articles was primarily on new technologies or data science, I promise to cover not only all of science, but also themes from everyday life.

But I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I did what any self-respecting economist would do and padded the blog up with biographical details, social media links, and other goodies that you’re free to peruse at your leisure. In this case, rather of viewing ROI as a fixed monetary and economic value, let’s think of it as a return on the investment of both my work in creating and distributing material to you, and the time you’ve made available to read that content, resulting in our mutual happiness. That’s why we’ve arranged to meet here; it’ll serve as the hub of our discussion.

This concludes my first post of 2014 on this website, and I hope that our shared efforts to make the world a better place be fruitful in the years to come.